In the Appellate Courts

Our firm handles all types of civil appeals and mandamus proceedings, in both federal and state courts, from start to finish. We know and understand the appellate courts. This allows us to approach the record and legal issues with a fresh perspective and an eye toward best framing our client’s position on appeal. We have a proven record of achieving success.

We are often brought into a case after a jury verdict or bench trial. In these cases, we assist with the post-trial briefing to advocate for the best judgment for our client, preserve issues for appeal, or even ask for a new trial. We also explore options for preventing execution on a judgment pending appeal or protecting our client’s interest in a judgment during appeal.

Frequently, clients retain us specifically to handle cases in the Supreme Court of Texas. This reflects clients’ and trial counsels’ recognition that when a case merits review by the Supreme Court, it also merits retaining an attorney with extensive experience and knowledge of that Court. In addition to representing parties, businesses and associations often retain us to file amici briefs with the Court.

Working with trial counsel and the client, we focus on how to best explain complicated facts and legal arguments in a “court-centered” manner, giving the appellate court exactly what it needs to decide the case. No lawyer can guarantee results, but we can promise that our focus will be on how to best explain your position and win your appeal.