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Welcome to Kuhn Hobbs PLLC

We are a boutique law firm dedicated to appeals and advanced trial motions. We handle civil appeals, in both federal and state courts, in all types of cases, with a proven track record of success in challenging appeals. We also routinely work with trial counsel across Texas, helping our clients frame legal issues in court to protect their rights and hopefully prevent an appeal from ever being necessary.

Our mission is to provide superior appellate and trial advocacy, while positively impacting the legal system. We offer our clients the experience and skill they would expect from a big firm, with the level of personal service and flexibility that can only be found in a boutique. Our goal is to serve.

Update on the Texas Supreme Court

KH Founding Partner Kurt Kuhn recently presented an update on the current term of the Texas Supreme Court, along with Justice Jeff Boyd, at the University of Texas School of Law’s 28th Annual Conference on State and Federal Appeals.

Proving and Defending Attorneys’ Fees

KH Founding Partner Kurt Kuhn spoke on proving and defending attorneys’ fees in Texas at the State Bar’s 10th Annual Damages in Civil Litigation Course.